The Artist 

Chrissy Thirlaway A Brief History of Chrissy

Chrissy's philosophy is to leave the world a better place. Her wandering childhood gave her a rich cultural background that has fed her work ever since. She grew up in Portugal and Brazil and it was in Brazil at the age of eleven that she 'drew' for the first time and knew she wanted to be an artist.

In England she studied for her BA in Fine Art at Maidstone College of Art during the exciting period of 'revolution' in England's art colleges in the late 1960s. After completion she worked for a succession of charities always trying to balance her job with her painting and printmaking, taking commissions and holding several exhibitions.

After several years she took time out to complete a Postgraduate Art Teachers' Certificate and began teaching Photography and an exciting Visual Perception course for primary children.

Motherhood enabled another twist in her career and she left teaching and launched her range of silk screened greetings cards. As well as silk screening, Chrissy also undertook commissions for murals, bespoke furniture and fabrics as well as working with a radical print cooperative.

A four year move back to Brazil filled several sketchbooks and inspired many paintings.

Since her return Chrissy has undertaken commissions for portraits, murals, fabrics and tattoos as well as pursuing her interest in line and colour through the human body. She has exhibited her drawings, pastels and paintings at several exhibitions in London and Brazil.

Her excitement and vision is contagious and her series of courses is her way of sharing it!