The Course

Learning to Draw is exciting ...

Remember how much fun it was as a child to sit and draw?
Remember art classes at school? Full of potential never realised? Somehow drawing never kept up with the rest of your skills and was left behind along the years.

A two hour Taster course gives you a chance to find out more, try some of the exercises and see what fun CAN'T DRAW! can be.  

Everybody can learn to draw! Can’t Draw! will take you step by step through the fundamental process of accessing the creative areas of your brain.

You will transform your perceptive skills to see the world around you as an artist sees it
You will develop your drawing skills to draw what you see realistically
You will see your personal style and expression begin to emerge

Have fun and amaze yourself!

Can’t Draw! is taught in small groups
  • The art course is 36 hours of tuition over 12 sessions
  • The studio in South London is easily accessible by public transport
  • A complete materials portfolio is provided at cost 
  • Course fees are £380 payable in advance
  • A deposit of £50 is needed to secure a place on the course

Art Courses are subject to confirmation and need a minimum of 4 students to go ahead.

For full details about the next CAN'T DRAW! dates

Please phone 020 7733 1564 or 07967 018 514 or click here to Contact Chrissy

Taster art courses cost £10 and are a chance to find out more about the course and try out some of the CAN'T DRAW! exercises.  Contact Chrissy for further details.          

Can Draw! 



A four session weekly course that turns the mysteries of horizons, vanishing points, shadows, reflections and more into clear, practical common sense.  

Fees £100. A deposit of £30 is payable on booking.  

For more information Contact Chrissy .



Life Drawing Studio Sessions


Life Drawing Studio Sessions will run over the summer months.

For practicing artists who want to draw from life. 

Contact Chrissy for details of dates, charges and availability.


This 12 hour art course is run over 4 sessions and is designed to develop the perception and drawing skills you acquired on the CAN'T DRAW! course.  We will look at anatomy, composition and expression using a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, pastel.
As usual, the groups will be small - no more than 4. The fees cover tuition and model fees.  Students will be responsible for providing their own materials.  These are not costly and a basic course materials and suppliers list can be sent to you when you enrol/on request. 
Fees: £140 to be paid in advance.  A deposit of £30 will secure your place on the course.
Contact Chrissy for details of dates and availability.


A hands-on 12 hour course over 4 sessions where you will be introduced to oil painting, its unique qualities, the preparation of different surfaces ready for oil painting, the wide range of different techniques, tools and materials, health and safety and how to care for your brushes and paints.

Groups will be small to allow optimum individual tuition. Whilst some materials will be provided, students will be responsible for providing their own basic paints, surfaces, brushes and solvents.  A basic course materials and suppliers list will be sent to you when you enrol.
Fees: £120 to be paid in advance.  A deposit of £30 will secure your place on the course.

Contact Chrissy for details of dates and availability.



What is colour?  Why do we see in colour? What is a shade or a hue or a tone?  How does a colour wheel work?  How do I mix the colour I want?  What is complementary?  Do different paints act differently when I mix them?

All these questions and more will be answered in a practical 12 hour course held over 4 sessions.  The course will give you an awareness of your amazing coloured world, the role of colour in art and the skills to reproduce colours in water based and oil paints and pencil.

The course's small group size ensures individual tuition.  All materials are provided for this course.
Fees: £140 to be paid in advance.  A deposit of £30 will secure your place on the course.

Contact Chrissy for details of dates and availability. 



Gift Vouchers from £10 - an ideal present. Can be used as full or part payment for any of the art courses run at the Can't Draw! studio.  Email Chrissy to order your vouchers.


Please email Chrissy to register your interest in the courses, keep informed of course dates and availability.