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Students' Letters about the Courses

Chrissy would be delighted to hear from past students. Please email her if you have any comments about the course you attended.

"This course challenges preconceptions of what you can do and who you are. It opens up new possibilities as hurdles are overcome. Hard work leads to deep satisfaction in a friendly, supportative, non-competitive environment. The anxiety of making mistakes gives way to delight in learning new skills. The teaching is rigourous, based on long experience and excellent preparation. The small group provides for creative exchange while each student enjoys individual attention. The results are amazing."

Anne Sassoon

"I wanted to thank you for such an enriching experience following the can't draw course. It has been fascinating and very enjoyable and I have also enjoyed meeting the other 'students' who were all great fun!
Hopefully you will be doing more courses in the near future as I am already feeling somewhat bereft without having set homework to do ....I shall continue with the exercises in the hope that I can improve on my skills and look forward to the next course which I hope comes soon!"

Juliet Gordon

"The drawing course was brilliant. I felt led along a series of stepping stones which encompassed new ways of seeing and interpreting the world as well as putting it on paper. And all in a beautiful oasis of a garden studio. Chrissy was a really supportive, encouraging, patient and enthusiastic teacher; being a small group was great: plenty of attention and no choice but to get involved! It was intense (for one I hadn't concentrated that hard for a long time!), inspiring and alot of fun too. I haven't stopped drawing since, and am now watching it merge with my unstructured style of painting ... I have recommended it to many. Thank you Chrissy."

Camael Wallrock

"I can't believe it ! I can draw. I wish I had learnt years ago but even at 65 I expect to get much pleasure form the gift you have given to me and no doubt many others.

So a big thank you, you have certainly opened my eyes and I know that I now see a different world around me. That world will never be the same and that's great.
I am delighted



"I have been thoroughly amazed by the results I achieved through the course. Before starting the Can't Draw course, I could not imagine producing a drawing I was remotely proud of and yet by the second lesson, I had already turned a corner. I found each lesson exciting and deeply satisfying as our skills developed in leaps and bounds.

I found Chrissy to be a brilliant and inspiring teacher. Her style is relaxed and she was highly flexible to accomodate different individuals needs. The small sized groups meant that she could concentrate on areas where students required most tutoring.

The course was hard work, but each lesson flew by as we became engrossed in our work. I am going to miss the classes, but drawing is now a skill and a pleasure I will continue with for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to Chrissy for the wonderful impact she has had on my life in realising this new channel of creativity."

Harriet Anderson

"A thoroughly enjoyable course with amazing results - I couldn't believe what I was producing. The course takes you through a well structured programme which develops and brings out your capabilities to draw.

Totally absorbing - whilst focusing on drawing I completely switch off, which gives you a real respite. It also opened my eyes to the world around me and how I might draw it! Highly recommended."

Wendy Reeves
Lifestyle Coach


"I highly recommend Can’t Draw.  Chrissy is a natural teacher who gently but firmly guides you through essential theories and techniques of mark-making, light and shade and perspective.  Her enthusiasm for art is infectious.  The theory is always balanced with plenty of practical exercises and lots of good hints and tips, to help you dismantle your own barriers to drawing what you truly see.  The classes are relaxed and fun, but you work hard.  In a few weeks my confidence grew and I saw a big transformation.  By the end of the course my drawing was unrecognisably improved."

Jason Fox


I've attended other art classes elsewhere which left a lot to be desired.  I finally found what I was looking for on Chrissy's Can't Draw course.  An excellent course that delves into the technical and psychological aspects of drawing.  Definitely recommended!


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